Food Chopping Methods

  • Mire Poix (Mirpua)

It is a form of chopping which is generally used for making meat and vegetable juices.
Chopping vegetables into large pieces. Pieces, a tablespoon
There are 3-4 in the future. Basic sauces, soups, potatoes
garnishes, meat dishes.

  • Macedonie (Makedon)

Mirepoix is the smallest of chopping. Used in crushed soups and sauces.
One tablespoon is about 8-10. According to the location of raw and cooked meats

  • Julienne
A thickness of half or a knife, about 3 to 4 cm long, thin rods 
chopping lengths and the same thickness and form. Each type has some sort of vegetables 
this is in the form of joinery used;  first, the thin plates are equally cut. Onion medley  chopped shaped, Julian are in the form of the Fenestration. All of the vegetables in this section equal  thickness must be of.

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