Summer Fruit salad Recipe

Summer Fruit salad

Refresh your mind and body with the summery fruit salad. A recipe for a hot day.


  • 1 Cantaloupe
  • 2 peach
  • 3 apricots
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 Orange (juice)
  • 1 shot sweetener


Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10 min


  1. For the summery fruit salad, they provide a large bowl. Wash, clean and halve strawberries. Peel kiwi and cut into pieces.
  2. Wash the grapes and add to the bowl. Cut mango into bite-sized pieces. Wash and add blueberries.
  3. Put the fruit in the bowl, empty the orange juice over the fruit and mix well. Serve immediately and enjoy.

Note: Summertime offers plenty of fresh fruit, our fruit ingredients are just a suggestion.

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Summer Fruit salad Recipe
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